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As an upscale interior design firm located in Chicago, our timeless design aesthetic encompasses Chicago's Gold Coast,North Shore as well as national and international clientele.
About Us
Well, it's not really about us, is it? It's about you. Discovering your needs, defining your wants, and designing interiors to complement your lifestyle. Our goal? Rooms filled with beauty, grace, and personality (yours, of course - not ours).

At Handman Associates, we believe that while an interior designer's good eye is critical to achieving that goal, an open ear will take a room even further. And so we ask questions. A lot of questions. All intended to understand the nuances of how you live - or how you want to live. That's why every project begins with listening to both the things that are said, and just as often, for the things that go unsaid. We believe this critical first step is the foundation of all successful interior design.
Under the direction of Managing Principal Shelly Handman, each member of our staff can claim that finely-tuned, open ear, along with an unparalleled wealth of knowledge, experience, and always-reliable professionalism.

At Handman Associates, we also believe good design is a theme with countless variations. Style is subjective; taste is personal. Still, good design will always incorporate comfort, warmth, timeless appeal, and an equal balance of both form and function. This belief is the hallmark of every Handman-designed interior.

The truest testament to the success of our work is our clients themselves many with whom we have enjoyed years-long, and even decades-long, relationships. To us, those relationships evince the true power of good design.
Shelly Handman . Managing Principal
"A client's vision shapes a project. As designers, our job is to bring beauty, balance, and life to that vision."

Shelly Handman's reverence for nature is reflected in his preference for organic materials, his reliance upon classic lines, and his affinity for balance. His rooms are more than just rooms; they are refuges. With a national and international clientele spanning the globe from Chicago's premiere Gold Coast addresses to its venerated North Shore suburbs; from Atlanta, Miami, Boca Raton, Laguna Beach, Malibu, Palm Springs, and Rancho Mirage to Tel Aviv, Handman's thirty years as a distinguished member of the design community are characterized by a diverse body of work for both residential and commercial clients. Whether for a private home or office, optical shop or day spa, each of Handman's designs demonstrates his singular talent for ushering calm into the daily lives of his clients, no matter their preferred.

Handman holds a Bachelor's degree in Art Education from Northern Illinois University - as well as a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design from Harrington College of Interior Design, where he served on the college's Board of Governors.

Handman's work has appeared in Architectural Digest, Luxe, Better Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful, inStyle, the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Social, North Shore Magazine, Trends Publications, Kitchen and Bath Ideas, the Atlanta Journal, and the Miami Herald, among others.
He operates offices in both Chicago and Palm Springs, California.
Shu-Yi Tsou . Senior Designer
"You do not have to sacrifice form for function. We create designs that marry both."

We celebrate Shu-Yi for her unique ability to meld a myriad of fabrics, forms, textures, colors, and materials to create dramatic rooms that complement our clients' personalities and lifestyles. The results are timeless, welcoming, and above all, livable. Shu-Yi joined Handman Associates in 2002, after beginning her design career at the world-renowned architectural firm of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.

Shu-Yi earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from the University of Illinois, and graduated with an Associate's degree in Interior Design from the Harrington College of Interior Design.

Yevgeniy Veller . Architectural Designer
"I thrive on design challenges. The trickier the situation, the happier I am. "

Russian-born, architectural space planner "Veller" joined Handman Associates in 1998. After earning dual Bachelor degrees in Set Design and Industrial Design from a pair of prestigious Russian universities, Veller further honed his design skills at a Moscow-based interior design firm specializing in high-end condominium renovation. In 1995, Veller immigrated to the United States, where he launched a career designing trade show exhibits. His vast array of design capabilities has resulted in an exceptional talent for visualizing space, and enables him to balance both function and design aesthetics for our clients with uncommon ease.

Matt Sowder . Business Manager
“I seek out ambitious projects as I am motivated by challenges.”

Matt joined Handman Associates in 2015 after 17 years as a Production Manager with NBC Universal. He has easily made the transition from the entertainment industry to the world of interior design as both are fast paced, highly creative and personally rewarding. We appreciate his attention to detail, the ability to multi-task and his interest in all phases of a project. Matt enthusiastically looks forward to helping our team bring beautiful design to fruition.

Matt earned his degree in Telecommunications and Business from Indiana University.
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Design Services
Golden Design
Surveys show time and again that most of us, as we grow older, hope to stay in our homes and age in place. Yet in order to do so, our environments must change along with our capabilities. But that doesnt mean our homes must turn into sterile versions of their former selves. Indeed, we know from experience that adapting a home to meet changing physical needs in no way negates a warm, lovely, inviting interior. Not at all! Walk-in showers without thresholds to navigate, wider hallways, non-skid flooring, and accessible sinks can all respect your sophisticated design sensibility while enhancing your lifestyle. We welcome your inquiries to learn more.
Green Design
Because we recognize many of our clients are committed to making sustainable choices that will have the least impact upon our environment, Handman Associates is pleased to offer options that will help reduce your carbon footprint as we help design your home. We can suggest ways to incorporate recycled building materials, low VOC paints, and earth-friendly lighting while maintaining our impeccable standards of design. Additionally, we can offer outstanding, environmentally-responsible alternatives in the selection of your home furnishings, from an array of organic, chemical- free fabrics to upholstered furniture crafted with non-toxic glues and millwork fashioned from reclaimed wood.Our work proves that sustainability and beautiful design can indeed coexist. Please contact us to learn more.
Non-Surgical House Lift
Want to refresh your living spaces? Our design team can do it in a day without painting, construction, or buying anything new. Truly! Well apply a fresh eye to your existing furnishings, accessories, and art; then carefully edit and relocate your possessions to breathe new life into your home. Perhaps well move a sofa, reposition chairs, or rotate artwork. Maybe well transfer a lamp from one room to another. You wont believe the difference a novel approach can make to even your most staid rooms. To see what we mean, click here.Our Non-Surgical house Lift is an ideal way to benefit from the talents of a professional interior designer, without the expenditure normally associated with one. Non-Surgical House Lifts are available at half-day and full-day rates; please contact us for further details.
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